Project NEHEMIAH - "A Growing Seed"

Jem Gabuna discovered that our commercial markets could no longer stand as a source of organic and nutritious products. This prompted him to build his own farmhouse which eventually birthed Project Nehemiah. This independent organic farmer then became founder and COO of NEHEMIAH SUPERFOOD. His purpose is to offer organic and healthy products not just for himself, but for all, delivering the products conveniently at your doorstep, while simultaneously helping to promote and support the livelihood of Filipino farmers.
Project Nehemiah is the modern-day Nehemiah of the Bible's Old Testament, who was a cupbearer to the king. Nehemiah was greatly valued by the king as his position protected the king from poison. His job was to swallow any drink offered to the king to ensure the king's safety. In the same way, Project Nehemiah first ensures quality, natural, and organic products before serving it to its customers who want to live a healthy lifestyle.